Getting Ready to be Ready

Featured Author: Karen Koenig

This was first presented on May 14, 2019 at an Exceptional Connections event. I proudly read it aloud as I really do believe this topic is important for us as individuals as well as our business relationships.

It doesn’t work! Do you feel overwhelmed…That feeling you can’t get started? This is the basis of procrastination and perfectionism. It makes us indecisive and causes us to not move forward in our life or business. I call it perfection procrastination and perfection is not progress. My Motto: Do First. Think Later. Learn by Doing.

Ditch the mindset that you fear you are afraid. Ditch the fear you cannot apply for that job or build that business. Ditch the fear of ridicule from peers. All of these are irrational fears!

To move forward, reverse engineer the skill set. When you apply this thinking, you can shift your fears about the situation.

The first step to overcome the perfection syndrome is to evaluate what skills you have and write them down. What could taking that first step look like in the context of your business, career, personal relationship or family?

Next, believe in your abilities in each of these areas. It’s all about how you look at what you can bring to the position. Then, extrapolate the skills you wrote down to fit the business you want or the career you’ve longed to have. Last, look at what makes you happy out of the skills you possess and look for a career or business that takes all of your skills into consideration.

In reference to the list you’ve made, can you recall a goal that you’ve filed away in the back of your head? Something that you greatly want to achieve but you have held back from getting started because you felt you needed to be over prepared? This is the time to embrace taking these first steps to make your aim a reality. See how it feels to simply take action and worry about the imperfection that pops up later.

No matter how prepared we are (or think we are) to embark on our goals, the timing is never perfect. You will still have surprising developments that you didn’t anticipate and that you will need to resolve. You will still have to, at points, deviate from your Plan A and use your Plan B.

Why not make this the year that you leap with all the passion in your heart to accomplish what you’ve been dreaming about?

Do First. Think Later. Learn by Doing.

About the Author: Karen Koenig

Karen Koenig’s career began with 26 years in the military, where she retired as a Major. After her military career, she worked in a variety of industries, including electronics, aerospace, and defense, specializing in Project Management. Throughout her career, she discovered her passion for working with people and helping them achieve their goals using her detailed project management approach.