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    “Being a part of the Exceptional Connections community has led to perpetual personal and professional growth that creates impact and gives encouragement for our members to engage in developing powerful relationships that result in exceptional business connections.”
    Chuck Oxford, Charles E. Oxford Consulting

    “I had the great privilege of being invited to Exceptional Connections as a guest. It was going to be a one-time only event; however, I fell in love with the format that Exceptional Connections offers. It is all about ‘Connection ~ Collaboration ~ Community’ and Cyndi O’Neill-Dady makes sure that everyone has the opportunity to be seen, heard & witnessed as they present what they love to do.

    I was hooked after the first event, and make it a point to attend the monthly networking luncheons. During the monthly events, each attendee offers an introduction of who they are, their business and their Quick Connect Statement. Cyndi also features 2-3 Marketplace Vendors each month who are offered more time to introduce themselves and their work/products. It is because of this; I have connected with several people in the group wanting to know more about them and their products. So far, I have had lunch with three people, attended several classes others have offered on their services, and attended ‘fun’ events to celebrate new businesses joining the network and businesses that have been long standing within the community. There are pop-up functions that you can attend. In addition, each month we have a Keynote Speaker and I have learned so much from each speaker, they are very relevant. I’m also excited to be featured as a Spotlight speaker June 2023.

    Bottom line is that I have made new friends, business connections for my business and business connections to refer to others and who I personally hired.

    I have tried many other networking organizations and this one stands out by far!!

    Thank you, Cyndi, for your passion in creating a warm and welcoming environment where we can all grow and prosper together.”

    Trish Tatarek, Body Language Strategist with the Business Leadership Excellence Institute and a Coach with Life and Work with Trish
    “Cyndi has proven over and over her passion in connecting and marketing. She is a serial entrepreneur with a heart. I trust her wisdom and advice. I’d highly recommend her to anyone she is working with. I’ve been actively assisting Cyndi over the years and find her to be a thorough organizer. She is completely reliable and trustworthy. A great woman to know and work with!”
    Elisa Hawkinson, How 2 Get Organized Founder, Author and Speaker
    “It’s been a true joy to work with Exceptional Connections™ Networking which supported me end to end with what to prepare as well as afterwards with how to make the most of the Bonus Call. Cyndi was extremely responsive and supportive with many loving touches along the way to ensure the best possible experience. I was rolling out a new talk and had such a huge reception from the community which was a huge confidence booster. Even better, after connecting with members afterwards, there’s been over $5500 in sales generated with new business still rolling in! I cannot thank Exceptional Connections™ enough for this opportunity and true partnership.”
    Anna Choi, Conscious Business Coach
    “Cyndi O’Neill-Dady is the real deal. This woman puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I recently had the pleasure of being her speaker at the Exceptional Connections™ Networking group and Cyndi sold out the room. She then offed me the opportunity to offer a bonus training call for her members which I gladly did a week later and Cyndi went above and beyond to promote this offer to her members. There was a great turn out for her group to learn more about how to recognize “Buying Signals” (my topic). Next Cyndi offered me the opportunity to teach a workshop for her members. It was an honor to be asked to be her first trainer for the ECN – Educational Series, my topic again was focused on building strong relationships when selling. This was a paid event and again, Cyndi sold out the room. She did everything a speaker/trainer could ask for in a host. She’s communicative, efficient, gracious, and an absolute pleasure to be around. She handles every situation with calm and ease. Any opportunity to work with Cyndi again would be a priority. She’s the absolute best at what she does.”
    Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer and Sales Coach
    “Tired of the same ole networking method? That’s what Cyndi said over 6 years ago, and she did something about it. She started Exceptional Connections™ Networking. ECN is a group of business owners who meet monthly, not to pass cards or give their 60 second speel, but to get to know others deeply. These monthly meetings are just one way we meet new folks, but it’s a way that we can learn how, each of us might be able to become their advocates. I’d rather have a team of advocates supporting me, than a bunch of business cards that get thrown away. Thank you Cyndi for taking the chance 6 years ago to create this amazing group of friends.”
    Tom Dealy, Valentus, QSciences
    “I have attended Exceptional Connections™ Networking (ECN) luncheons regularly for nearly a year. This event regularly fills to capacity, and it’s no wonder. Cyndi Dady has created an environment that shifts the concept of business competition to interpersonal collaboration that supports taking business to the next level. Not bound by quotas or fees, ECN attendees bubble with curiosity, wisdom and trust, intent on delivering value and support. Cyndi, herself, is an exceptional connector, embodying grace and generosity not only as she facilitates the group, but in who she is at her core. Whether engaging in a group, with a client, or in personal conversation, Cyndi puts people at ease. Thank you, Cyndi, for the inspiration that you are!”
    Nina Durfee, Editor and Word Wizard
    “Exceptional Connections Networking is one of my favorite communities! The events are well run, great venue, incredible customer service, and support and spectacular speakers.”
    Marcelle Allen, Dreamosity Creative Director
    “Cyndi loves to connect people! If you have an industry you need connected to Cyndi is the best source to get you there.”
    Karen Koenig, Edward Jones Financial Advisor, Author, Speaker
    “Cyndi is a super networker and connector who cares about the people she meets and refers to others. She has great expertise as multi-level marketing professional who has built a wonderful life around her business.”
    Melissa Wadsworth, Brilliance Unlimited Editing and Fine Art
    “Exceptional Connections Networking is about networking and so much more! Cyndi has created a community of genuine people that care about one another and each other’s businesses. The meetings are filled with education, heart and fun! Every time I go to a monthly meeting, I take home at least one thing that is immediately usable either personally or professionally. In addition to her monthly meetings, she also has skillset workshops featuring professionals such as business coaches, marketing experts, productivity coaches and more. Finally, Cyndi has a knack for pairing power partners together. She makes an exceptional effort to make an introduction and then follows up to make sure that the power pairing is made. She is truly an exceptional connector!”
    Heidi Rickard, Nourish & Revive, Nutritional Healing
    “After my first visit to a Exceptional Connections Networking Luncheon I can say that without a doubt this was absolutely the best Networking event I have ever attended. The session was well planned and well run, there was an amazing amount of content, the group size was just right and the people who attended lived up to the name…they were Exceptional Connectors!”
    Karen Randall, Transition Coach
    “I was honored to speak at the June Exceptional Connections Networking Luncheon. Cyndi Dady is a master connector who leads with her heart. As one ECN member put it, “Cyndi is one of the nicest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet.” At the ECN Luncheon, I watched members go above and beyond to encourage and support one another. One of the members even gave a testimonial for another member who sells a competitive product! WOW! Being with this group was an experience like none other.  After the meeting, I heard ECN members talk about the benefits of being an ECN member – increased business, a new level of confidence and cherished relationships. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this Uncopyable group!”
    Kay Miller, The Adventure, LLC
    “I Love Exceptional Connections Networking because there is a distinct difference in the energy in the room…sincere, authentic, truly interested, not the stereotypical networking event that always seemed more like “speed dating”! (Not that I would know LOL but what I imagine it would be like!) I also love the wonderful Spotlight speakers and the time to mingle.”
    Mary Van Hoy, Seattle Sensory Learning
    “I was a Spotlight speaker for Exceptional Connections August 2018 and the experience was outstanding. Cyndi makes great efforts toward providing valuable information for the group. She deeply cares about both her speakers and her members and truly strives to embody the spirit and practice of win/win. Everyone in the group has been so welcoming and supportive. I am so glad Cyndi and Exceptional Connections has become a part of my life.”
    Nicole Lux-Ritchie, Luxcentic - Technology Coach
    “Terrific community of heart-centered entrepreneurs committed to business growth and success!”
    Debbie Page, Women's Business Coach
    “What differentiates this group is the fine array of seasoned and successful presenters that Cyndi schedules to help all members focus on what is important for their own success. It’s a major value to anyone who is an entrepreneur and by getting brief, pertinent successful tips can make immediate changes after each event to boost their effectiveness. Pretty AWESOME!”
    Sandi MacCalla, Founder: Etiquette For you & Life skills Academie
    “A while back ago Cyndi started saying, “Exceptional Connections Networking & Beyond.” I take great pride in being one of the Beyond members, as I live in Virginia. Unfortunately, I have not been to a live monthly meeting, although I have been to every meeting in spirit. Fortunately, I have not missed a Bonus Call since its inception. I attend online SkillShops offered and love earning clock hours toward Networking Mastery. Since COVID I’ve attended every monthly online Networking event. Cyndi’s style, attention to detail, compassion for all to be their best and her ability to search out the most exquisite speakers is impeccable. Everything she touches turns to gold. I adore this beautiful lady and everything she represents.”
    Gail Jordan, Entrepreneur - Gail's Go to Products
    “This group is by far one of the most upbeat and positive groups I have had the pleasure to be a part of. Cyndi makes it known that business is all about connecting people. She is a delightful person and the people she attracts are the same. Thank you for this opportunity to find your group and to be a part of it!”
    Denise Myers, YBR Coach
    “I am always inspired by Cyndi and her dedication to others. I think that there is a place for everyone in terms of building yourself personally and professionally. Cyndi and Curtis have built an amazing place for people to come together and build relationships with no pressure. Thank you, both for your generosity of spirit and for providing a great place to grow and connect.”
    Lynette Hoy, Firetalker PR - CEO


    Our promise to the Marketplace is to help business owners & entrepreneurs build empowering relationships through friendships and intentional connections.


    To facilitate the world’s transition to sustainable authentic human connections.

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