Family Matters

Featured Author: Molly Klipp

This was first presented in December of 2018 at an Exceptional Connections event. I proudly read it aloud as I really do believe this topic is important for us as individuals as well as our business relationships.

In the bustle of everyday living, building our businesses, taking care of clients, customers and learning how to grow and develop our businesses, it would serve us well to take a good long look at WHY we are doing it.

If it were to all fall apart tomorrow, WHO is in your corner? Who loves you unconditionally and supports, encourages and is your cheerleader? WHO is your WHY?

Years ago, when I was just starting out in my business, I remember my husband saying to me, “You treat your consultants better than you treat me and the family. We will be around forever, they won’t.”

It was MY wakeup call that made me step back and say, WHY am I working so hard to develop myself for my business? It has always been for my family! Years ago, I decided that my kids watched me…carefully. How I behaved in any situation was going to teach them how THEY should behave. That was probably the best check I could ever have because what I did, they would do.

41 years married and having children 38, 36, 26 and 24 has brought me a full range of infancy, toddler, teenage, young adult, adult and now mom’s and adult business people in their own right.

Those years have taught me more than any class, seminar or conference that I have ever attended. The art of patience, kindness, grace, listening, keeping my mouth shut, learning, regrouping, starting again, timing and it doesn’t always happen on my timeline! Sounds just like business, right? All the same skills you use and practice on your family are the same skills that make you successful in your business. Which one are you better at? Which one do you want to be better at?

During this season of Christmas and the New Year – it is a time of reflection, joy, smiles, parties and oh my gosh what is my business going to do next year and I need to get ready for it. Don’t forget your priority of Family and how they are the focal point of Why you do it all.

Today with a wonderful family count of 11, life is good. Priority is always family. It’s always kindness and thoughtfulness for each other. We have a family text that my husband takes the lead on. We send a daily message out to the kids encouraging them and praying they have a great day. Family Matters!

All the same skills you use and practice on your family are the same skills that make you successful in your business. FAMILY MATTERS OR Priority is always family.

About the Author: Molly Klipp

Molly Klipp, CPCP is the sole owner of Carefree Beauty Permanent Makeup with two locations in Lynnwood and Arlington, WA. She has been practicing permanent cosmetics for over 9 years and specializes in permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and scalp micropigmentation. She also teaches a 100 hr course in Fundamentals for new students which includes how to start and build your business.

Molly's thirty years of running a multi-million-dollar cosmetics franchise teaching thousands of women how to build their businesses, drives her to helping others to build their business strong from the first day they open their doors.

Molly has been married to John for 45 years, has 4 grown children and 3 grandsons. She lives in Marysville, WA and loves to travel. Molly loves to learn and constantly is taking classes and developing her permanent makeup skills and marketing expertise.