The Importance of Receiving

Featured Author: Marlee Blink Huber

This was first presented in October of 2019 at an Exceptional Connections event. I proudly read it aloud as I really do believe this topic is important for us as individuals as well as our business relationships.

Some years ago, I met a woman who mentored me in becoming a receiver.

During a seminar, she asked, “How many of you are givers?” Every hand shot up. “How many are receivers?” Two people confidently raised their hands. The rest of us starred.

Roxie invited a “giver” and a “receiver” to come forward. She gave an empty water glass to each participant and kept one for herself. She filled her glass and then approached the giver offering water. The giver replied, “I’m a giver, not a receiver.” She offered water to the receiver who eagerly held out her glass. Roxie switched scenes explaining she was a thirsty traveler. She asked the giver for water. The giver looked at her empty glass and responded, “I have no water to give.” Roxie asked the receiver for water. The receiver graciously filled Roxie’s glass. The lesson was not lost. If you would be a giver, first, a receiver you must be.

Roxie opined that receiving whatever people offer is the gift we give. She recounted how many times she accepted a cup of coffee even though she doesn’t drink coffee. “Always accept what people have to offer,” she advised.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to say, “No?” It seems no’s come more easily than yesses. Is it early training in not taking candy from a stranger?

I believe the root cause of resistance is fear. When we say “no” we avoid potential failure, fuzzy outcomes, losing control or wondering what people will think of us. Resisting an offer maintains an easy equilibrium.

It has become apparent to me that our “resist muscle” is more naturally exercised than our “receive muscle.” I challenge you to demolish the barriers that block out blessing. Expand the radius of your receptivity. The more readily you grant permission to receptivity, the more goodness and beauty will flow like a bountiful river through your lives, families and businesses.

Where have you put up a dam of resistance? Where might you open the gates to receptivity? Where might you look ambiguity in the face and defy its authority to keep you living small?

Next time someone offers you what they have to give, say yes. Both of you will be blessed.

Remember, fear causes us to resist and live small. Receptivity is an act of love. Fear and love remain opposing forces.

About the Author: Marlee Blink Huber

Marlee Blick Huber is a coach, speaker, and author of ‘A Life of Resounding Joy: How one Family's Love Affair with Jesus Can Be Your Family Storyline Too'. A once-upon-a-time librarian, she has treasured her grandfather’s words for a lifetime. Safeguarding old memories is what she does. Loved ones have begged for this story to be put into print, but preserving one family’s legacy is not enough. Marlee’s passion is to show you how to uncover the silver cord of destiny revealed through your family’s narrative. She helps you identify the treasure of your unique identity because your story is too important to lose.

With her husband, Marlee enjoys exploring backroads and capturing hidden beauty through the lens of her camera. She makes her home in the Pacific Northwest.