Charlie Hoffman

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    Free Time Solutions

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    Operations, Systems and Integrations for marketing with the Support businesses need.

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    (877) 395-5678

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    (425) 501-9271

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    17800 Jordan Road
    Arlington, WA 98292

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    Have you ever wondered how to get your free time back by setting up a system for your workflows, automations and client touch points? Think of me as your Integrator. At Free Time Solutions we focus on helping businesses with Operations, Strategy and Support to make it all happen.

  • How do you describe your dream client or customer?

    Our Dream Client is one who has their business plan put together but needs help with implementation. They are the visionary and we help them with the strategy and tools to buy their freetime back.

  • When members do a search, what specific key words or phrases would lead to you?

    Freetime, get@yourfreetimeback, yourfreetimeback

  • Do you have an offer or discount specifically for Exceptional Connection members? (If so, what?)

    Get 50% off our Starter Package today just text ECN to 877.395.5678 to get started with the best tools to support your business’ marketing with the Strategy and Support to back you up.

  • If any, what are your geographic restrictions to your products/services/offers? What do you consider your sales territory?


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  • What are your accomplishments? (awards, books, awards, professional designations)

    Veteran, BA in ECE, CEO, Integrator, Empowerment Specialist, Operations Mastermind

  • What are you passionate about?

    Helping businesses thrive in their Zone of Genius

  • What are your hobbies or outside interests?

    Music (I’ve played Violin but don’t ask me to now), Hiking, Outdoors, Gardening, Dancing, Shower singing, Camping, Spending time with my kids.

  • Are you involved in any charity or community service that you want others to be aware of?

    Board Member for
    I am also a proud supporter of the

  • Is there anything else about you, or your business you would like to share?

    Free Time Solutions is thrilled to be celebrating our first year in Business as of April 2024

I Love Exceptional Connections because…

“It gives me an opportunity to share about my business, make connections, meet new friends and practice my communication skills.”