Chuck Oxford

  • First Name:

  • Last Name:

  • Business Name:
    Charles E. Oxford Consulting

  • Your Title:

  • Area of Expertise:
    Small Business Consulting and Mentor

  • Business Phone:
    (425) 503-2929

  • Mobile Phone:
    (425) 503-2929

  • Mailing Address:
    40 Taylor Cutoff Road, M47
    Sequim, WA 98382

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  • What is your profession? (be as specific as possible)

    Small Business Consulting and Mentor

  • How do you describe your dream client or customer?

    Small business owners wanting to explore better processes and structure to create more freedom of their time. People looking to explore small business opportunities.

  • When members do a search, what specific key words or phrases would lead to you?

    Consulting and small business mentoring.

  • Do you have an offer or discount specifically for Exceptional Connection members? (If so, what?)


  • If any, what are your geographic restrictions to your products/services/offers? What do you consider your sales territory?

    I can help anyone who speaks English anywhere in the world with Zoom support, or locally in the Seattle, WA region.

An even more meaningful and powerful way to connect
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  • What are your accomplishments? (awards, books, awards, professional designations)

    Small Business of the Year. Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.

  • What are you passionate about?

    Guiding small business owners and potential small business owners to develop a more compelling economic opportunity to achieve prosperity and wealth.

  • What are your hobbies or outside interests?

    Travel, cooking and connecting with people.

  • Are you involved in any charity or community service that you want others to be aware of?

    Ventures of Seattle. Business Coach to support people with limited resources to develop independent businesses and independent revenue streams.

  • Is there anything else about you, or your business you would like to share?

    Everyone should explore business opportunities that will give them more freedom in life. You can spend all your time, energy and talent making some one else achieve their dreams or you can use your talents and skillsets to achieve your dreams.

I Love Exceptional Connections because…

“Our community is about establishing meaningful relationships and encouragement for each other. We come together to serve a greater purpose and mission. We do not meet just for a motivational pep talk. We are bonding together to perpetuate personal and business growth that will create positive impact in our lives and our communities. Exceptional relationships result in an exceptional life.”