Cyndi ONeill-Dady

I Love Exceptional Connections because…

“It is a heart-centered organization dedicated to fostering connections, nurturing collaboration, and cultivating a vibrant sense of community. These three pivotal elements form the cornerstone of building profound and authentic relationships, which, in turn, play a pivotal role in the growth of our businesses. With an unwavering focus on Connection, Collaboration, and Community, we have the opportunity to cultivate an expansive network of kindred spirits and trusted professionals who not only align with our values but also share a resolute commitment to collectively propelling one another towards the realization of our loftiest aspirations.

Additionally, with the launch of our Champion Connector Program, we’re upleveling our interactions even further. A Champion Connector is an individual known for their exceptional ability to forge and foster meaningful connections, relationships, and collaborations within our Exceptional Connections community. They possess the skills and dedication to identify, connect, and champion others toward success, facilitating valuable opportunities and mutual growth. This program embodies our dedication to enhancing the quality and impact of our network, making Exceptional Connections a true catalyst for personal and professional growth.”

  • First Name:

  • Last Name:

  • Business Name:
    Exceptional Connections, Mailbox Power

  • Your Title:
    Exceptional Connections Founder | Chief Connector
    Mailbox Power – Relationship Marketing Strategist

  • Area of Expertise:
    Exceptional Connections – I teach people how to be exceptional connectors.
    Mailbox Power – I help businesses attract and keep customers.

  • Business Phone:
    (425) 346-8895

  • Mobile Phone:
    (425) 346-8895

  • Mailing Address:
    13300 Bothell Everett Hwy. Suite 303 – PMB#640
    Mill Creek, WA. 98012

  • Social Media:

  • What is your profession? (be as specific as possible)

    Founder of Exceptional Connections since 2009, Relationship Marketing Strategist with Mailbox Power

  • How do you describe your dream client or customer?

    I work primarily with small business owners and business professionals who want to attract more ideal clients.

  • When members do a search, what specific key words or phrases would lead to you?

    Relationship Marketing, Customer Retention, Relationship Building

  • Do you have an offer or discount specifically for Exceptional Connection members? (If so, what?)

    1st time attendees can join us for $40 networking rate

  • If any, what are your geographic restrictions to your products/services/offers? What do you consider your sales territory?

    I can help anyone who speaks English / Spanish anywhere in the world with Zoom support, or locally in the Seattle, WA region.

An even more meaningful and powerful way to connect
with other Exceptional Connections Members:

  • What are your accomplishments? (awards, books, awards, professional designations)

    I have over 16 years experience as a business relationship marketing strategist. I founded Exceptional Connections Networking in 2009 to create a nurturing environment which educates and empowers people to deepen relationships, and build trust. I am a contributing author in an audio book: Women of Influence.

    I am also a homeschool advocate who homeschooled my 3 children for over 20 years, co-founded Homeschool Connections in 1994. This organization has continued to operate and serve the homeschool community since 1994. is a 501c3 organization that has offered classes for homeschool families through the transition of 6 home school boards. Over 500+ families, and thousands of students are serviced annually by this organization. I also taught Spanish to K – 12 homeschool students in 3 locations for 10 years.

  • What are you passionate about?

    I am passionate about cultivating, and cherishing genuine connections. This led me to create and teach the Connection Circle – 6 Steps to Exceptional Connecting, as well as an innovative 6 step process: Networking Lessons Gleaned from my Garden. I am amazed how similar gardening is to networking – it takes time and effort to make relationships grow, they don’t just spring up overnight.

  • What are your hobbies or outside interests?

    My favorite activities are: organic gardening, pilates, relationship building, hosting garden parties and spending time with my Grandkiddos.

  • Are you involved in any charity or community service that you want others to be aware of?

    Clothes For Kids is a wonderful Non-profit our Exceptional Connections Chapter has supported since 2015.

  • Is there anything else about you, or your business you would like to share?

    As the Executive Director of The GIFT Live Events from 2015-2017 I created and implemented structures and systems to streamline and scale all facets of this organization including the various Production Teams; The Team of First Impressions, Registrations Teams, New Attendee Orientation Teams, Creating the Show Flow. My duties also included Marketing, Event promotion, coordinating Executive team & Leadership team meetings and creating the agenda for everything from the monthly GIFT Live Events, Executive team and Leadership Events.