Trish Tatarek

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    Life and Work with Trish

  • Your Title:
    Body Language Strategist and Life Coach

  • Area of Expertise:
    Helping others feel more confident in their Body Prescence, Finding their Greater Authentic Self, Power Shifting and so much more.

  • Business Phone:
    (425) 864-1621

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    (425) 864-1621

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    22441 SE 243rd St
    Maple Valley, WA. 98039

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  • What is your profession? (be as specific as possible)

    I am a Body Language Strategist – coaching communication both in your message and physicality so that they are aligning with your purpose, intention and goals and this is done with the Four Pillars of: Confidence, Competence, Trust and Approachability. Think of it as Confidence and Presence Training, helping you with those first impressions, networking events, client meetings so that you are showing up as your Greater Self. I am also a Life Coach helping others transform their lives to find their Authentic Self and make the Power Shift that they need to up level their lives.

  • How do you describe your dream client or customer?

    For Body Language Strategy: It is the women that wants to make a Great First Impression, polish their Presentation Skills, feel confident at a Networking Event.

    For Life Coaching it is the women that wants to step into her own Greatness, helping her to find her Authentic Self & Voice, who wants to make a Power Shift in herself and in her Career.

  • When members do a search, what specific key words or phrases would lead to you?

    Confidence, Presence, Life Coach, Body Language, Transformation, Pivoting, Authentic Self, Growth, Limiting Beliefs

  • Do you have an offer or discount specifically for Exceptional Connection members? (If so, what?)


  • If any, what are your geographic restrictions to your products/services/offers? What do you consider your sales territory?

    Most courses are via Zoom so no limits, but limited to English Speaking.

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  • What are your accomplishments? (awards, books, awards, professional designations)

    I am a Certified Body Language Strategist and a Certified Life Coach with the Jay Shetty Certified Life Coaching Course.

  • What are you passionate about?

    I am passionate about the women who wants to find her own voice, her true essence of what makes her special and unique. Creating a power shift in her personal life and business life. I want to help others find their light, shine it bright and with no apologies. To joint me in the ‘Authentic Self Revolution’. My goal is to create a safe place for her to explore, learn and grow into whatever it is she wants for her life.

  • What are your hobbies or outside interests?

    Love cooking and trying new recipes.
    Walking out doors in the woods or along the water.
    Bike riding along beautiful trails.
    Traveling to new destinations near and far.
    Ticking off my bucket list of people I want to in concert.

  • Are you involved in any charity or community service that you want others to be aware of?

    South King County Women’s Council of Realtors
    Kent Chamber of Commerce

  • Is there anything else about you, or your business you would like to share?

    You are not alone, I went on this journey of finding my Authentic Self and Voice. I won’t promise it will be easy, however any discomfort outweighs the benefits of knowing yourself and never apologizing for who you authentical are as a Women.

I Love Exceptional Connections because…

“At Exceptional Connections I have found a tribe of women that are like minded entrepreneurs. Strong, intelligent, giving, caring, knowledge seekers and sharers. A place where I can learn, grow, challenge myself and create lasting relationships.”