Embracing Change

Featured Author: Chuck Oxford

This was first presented in June of 2018 at an Exceptional Connections event. I proudly read it aloud as I really do believe this topic is important for us as individuals as well as our business relationships.

Many individuals who view change as a threat rather than an opportunity will lack clarity and find short-term fixes that fail to address their real visions and dreams.

Those quick fixes often fail to focus on their highest purpose and best self. Let's not see changes as disruptive events but as transformational and part of our evolution.

If we avoid changes, a long-term sense of uncertainty results and mediocrity creeps into our lives. Let's be open to sustaining growth and developing a habit of embracing change.

This doesn’t mean change for the sake of doing something different, but intentional change based on driving our lives toward the dreams of our best selves.

Most people don't have the courage to shift their mindset of risk avoidance, to risk the status quo in order to attain what they want and deserve.

I recommend embracing three issues to create a mindset for change:

1) I NEED TO CHANGE — because I want a better life. I do not grow in my comfort zone. The life I crave is beyond my comfort zone so I must proceed toward my vision as it will not come to me. I cannot dream myself to a better life. I must take responsibility for deliberate action.

2) I CAN CHANGE — because there are no rules, no policies, no stories or limits in the future except the ones I drag from the past. The present is where we're starting, but not where we are staying. Cut the cord from the past.

3) CHANGE WILL REWARD ME — Creating solutions in life results in a more fulfilling life. Opportunities are abundant. The ones you want to accept first are the ones that will transform you during the process into a more enlightened self. Embracing change helps us create more relevance in our lives.

Visualize yourself as someone bigger and better than your current being . Develop a new vision of yourself around closing the gap between where you are today and your highest best self.

Create a plan and take action. In the process, life doesn’t get easier, you get better. You cannot dream yourself into a better life.

Place an imaginary vacancy sign on your present self and commit to embrace change and begin a fresh phase of your journey. Your dreams of a better life are in a place you have never been.

No change, no growth.

Change requires risk. Embrace it.

About the Author: Chuck Oxford

Chuck Oxford was a former corporate executive in the aerospace industry for twenty years. He was also a small business owner for 13 years in the auto industry, in Bellevue, WA.

He has extensive experience in creating successful business cultures, systems, and functional teams. This made it possible to then achieve an exceptional service-oriented work environment that accelerated business growth and profitability above industry norms.

Chuck is dedicated to mentoring small business owners and their organizations to make a difference and change their view of themselves, their companies, their future potential and recognize the possibilities beyond their current thinking.

He is Certified in DISC Generation 2 to improve communication within organizations, teams and individuals to motivate better understanding, gain more success and improve client interaction.

Chuck is also a highly valued and appreciated EC Networking Sponsor, past Spotlight Speaker, and longstanding member of our Contribution Team