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A BIG thank you to all of our amazing ECN Spotlight Speakers for generously offering so much value and rich content at our monthly networking events and to our Podcast conversations.

2/18/20 – EC-WV Debbie Page / Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: 7 Steps to Success; Raise your purpose, Raise your revenue, Raise your profit

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12/17/19 – ECN – Karen Koenig / – Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: The 5 Money Types

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11/19/19 – ECN / Dawn Jones / – Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Successfully $elling to Different Personality Styles”

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10/08/19 – ECN / Jen Mueller / – Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: Networking in Any Space; How to Make Connections Outside Your Comfort Zone

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9/17/19 – ECN / Marcelle Allen / – Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: Financial Joy – Sales Success Through Social Media

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8/20/19 – ECN / Leslie Ann Akin /Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: Create and Curate a Facebook group to Change your Life

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7/16/19 – ECN / Ann Bennett /Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Unleash Brand Story DNA & Rake in the Revenue”

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6/18/19 – ECN / Kay Miller /Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “How to Gain an Uncopyable Advantage Over Your Competition”

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4/16/19 – ECN / Erika Larsson /Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Decoding the Four Personality Styles”

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3/19/19 – ECN / Melina Palmer /Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “The Truth About Pricing Teaser”

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2/12/19 – ECN / Tricia James Melvin /Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “The Power of Believing in Yourself”

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1/16/19 – ECN / Brittani Nelson/Business Matchmaker – Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Finding Your Perfect Power Partners On and Off-line”

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12/19/18 – ECN / Chuck OxfordExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “DISC Generation 2: expanding your influence”

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11/20/18 – ECN / Elise EnriquezExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Overcoming Overwhelm: how to embrace productivity and grow profit”

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10/16/18 – ECN / Brian TrendlerExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Find your Funny: Why using Humor is Good Business Sense”

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9/18/18 – ECN / Molly KlippExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Widen your Circle of Raving Fans thru Networking”

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6/12/18 – ECN / Nicole Lux-RitchieExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Managing Passwords”

Password Pattern.pdf worksheet

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5/15/18 – ECN / Anna ChoiExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “The Soul of Your Business: Grow Your Client Flow”

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4/17/18 – ECN / Peter FeysaExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Be a Creative Machine: How to Produce More, Live Fearlessly, & Create Passionately in your Biz”

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3/20/18 – ECN / Maria LuchsingerExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “The Wheel of Life – a 1st Quarter Check-In”

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2/20/18 – ECN / Melina PalmerExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Consumers are Weird – How Irrational Behavior Impacts Your Business”

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1/16/18 – ECN / Karen McGregorExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Mastering your Message”

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12/19/18 – ECN / Marcelle AllenExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Mapping out your Community Matrix”

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11/28/17 – ECN / Sarah FrinkExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Creating a Content Strategy for Social Media”

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10/19/17 – ECN / Brittani NelsonExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Leveling up Through Follow-up”

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9/19/17 – ECN / Dr. Robyn MacKillopExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Be Found, Be Seen, Be Know – get out from behind the curtain”

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8/15/17 – ECN / Debbie PageExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “7 Steps to Success – Going Steeper”

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7/18/17 – ECN / Karen Lynn MaherExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Claim Your Place as a Thought Leader: get visible or disappear…choose one!”

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5/26/17 – ECN / Kerstin O’ShieldsExceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “The Mechanisms of Body Language”.

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4/18/17 – ECN / Dawn Jones with Dawn Jones Productions – Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic:  “Why Women Buy – The 14 Point Marketing checklist for selling to women”.

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3/17/17 – ECN / Jeff Wagoner Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Awareness, Ownership and Execution tools for Authentic Sustainment”.

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2/21/17 – ECN / Leslie Ann Akin with Leslie The Brand Boss – Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “Branding Matters – You can blend in, or stand out, pick one”.

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1/17/17 – ECN / Debbie Rosemont with Simply Placed – Exceptional Speaker Podcast

Topic: “What are you waiting for? Procrastination why it happens and what to do about it.”

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