Express Gratitude

Featured Author: Elisa Hawkinson

This was first presented in October of 2019 at an Exceptional Connections event. I read it loud and proud as I really do believe this topic is important.

Too often people think of generosity in terms of giving money. When our thinking is we cannot be generous at this time because our funds are already a bit tight, we miss the blessing of
blessing others.

Studies have shown that being generous actually impacts our own well-being in a positive way. Helping others by giving could impact your mood and blood pressure or you could say giving is good medicine.

What other ways can we be generous? We have our time, our treasures, or knowledge as part of our potential gifts.

1. Think about what ways might you give. Clothing comes to mind first for homeless or low-income children that need basic school clothing to avoid the stigma of feeling left out or ashamed. A small donation to a charity like “Clothes for Kids” comes to mind. Just a small amount of money from forgoing an extra teat at Starbucks could brighten a child’s life.

2. Being a weekly lunch buddy at school where you could focus on the child hungry for attention and affirmation cold be another example of sharing the gift of you with a forgotten, lonely student. Your smile and a chat could life a child during that lunch hour each week.

3. What item in your home do you no longer need or use that could be placed on a shelf at a thrift store with a mission that aligns with your heart? Once that item is sold the proceeds fuel the purpose of the thrift store. What is the mission of your favorite thrift store? Does it help homeless children or families or women getting back on their feet after exiting an abusive relationship, or help the lives of pet destined to be euthanized or help Search and Rescue dogs in King county?

Getting our heart involved in being generous opens the door for more peace and calm in your life. Enjoy less stress and increase the Calm in your life by being generous.



About the Author: Elisa Hawkinson

Elisa Hawkinson is an accomplished Professional Organizer with How2GetOrganized, Coach, Speaker, as well as Author & Trainer of Calming Your Chaos. Elisa is passionate about supporting her clients to save time and in effect, live a simpler life.