Ann Bennett

  • Name:
    Ann Bennett

  • Company:
    Ann Bennett Renegade Branding

  • Title:
    Creative force behind Renegade Branding / CEO of

  • Area of Expertise:
    Marketing & Branding Coach, Ann Bennett Marketing

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Unleash Brand Story DNA & Rake in the Revenue

    This is for You if:

    • You feel like your business is inside a box and you don’t want it to be there.
    • You’re afraid of blending in because you struggle to message your business in a way that is Fresh & Unique.
    • Seems like you’ve tried everything to get Visibility, Credibility and Profitability, but nothing seems to consistently work.

    Experience the power of liberating your Rebel Spirit & Raking in the Revenue with conscious Branding Expert and mentor Ann Bennett. Ann will teach you exactly how you can express your authentic self.

    Creating a brand that captures you at your core so you can STAND OUT and build a purpose-driven business. In order to do your Big Work, you have to distinguish yourself from two billion websites and millions of marketing messages.

    In this session, we’ll uncover:

    • How to capture your market with your own Unique Message
    • How to zero in on what makes you Naturally Brilliant and Attractive
    • How to take that and Be Unique & Stand Out
    • How to take all of that turn it into one powerful Brand and Cash in on your expertise
  • Hometown:
    Costa Mesa, California

  • Will Travel:
    Nationally or Locally

  • Speaking Sample:

Ann Bennett is the founder of Renegade Branding, an International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Coach and Brand Profit Builder. Ann uses her marketing and branding genius to help women entrepreneurs (and a few good men) build their STAND OUT personal brands and boost their profits.

Ann works with purpose driven entrepreneurs who do transformational work so they can liberate and ignite their unique genius, authentic voice and build a profitable brand platform.

Ann has 25 years experience in visual and graphic design and has brought her talents to many major magazines from Popular Mechanics to Vogue; “Where the Devil Really does wear Prada”.

Ann’s personal slogan and the cornerstone of all her programs is, “It’s smart to fit in…but it’s brilliant to stand out.”

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