Brian Trendler

  • Name:
    Brian Trendler

  • Company:
    LAF Tech, We Fix Ugly Design

  • Title:
    Founder LAF Tech, Founder Graphic Design guy at We Fix Ugly Design, Co-owns

  • Area of Expertise:
    Founder Engagement Specialist at LAF Tech, Inspiration humor speaker, Graphic Design guy at We Fix Ugly Design, Engagement Coach, #ShutUpAndLaugh Podcaster

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Find your Funny: Why using Humor is Good Business Sense

    Sound Familiar? Are you an entrepreneur that recognizes the power of humor? Do you find that your business, your message, or your employees aren’t getting the attention that’s rightly deserved? You could be missing the key thing that potential clients are looking for… Impact! When you use humor in your 1-2-1, 1-2 many, or presentations and speaking opportunities; you’re more likable, memorable, and ideally profitable!

    At this powerful event you’ll learn:

    • A key best practice from our LAF Tech curriculum, “The Six Methods of Humor™”
    • Learn how to apply easy and surprisingly simple techniques to leave them laughing and wanting more
    • Get a super-secret bonus enabling you to generate any speech, anywhere, in 5 min or less.
  • Hometown:
    Bothell, Washington

  • Will Travel:

  • Speaking Sample:

Brian Trendler is well known as the “funny-guy” and actually takes being humorous quite seriously. While there may not be a degree for such expertise, he’s well-versed in helping business owners, sales teams, authors, public speakers, and more to find their own mix of humor to become better, more confident and more motivated. His quick-wit, charm, and command of any stage makes him an experience to watch, and a fantastic person to learn from. Through LAF Tech, his clients not only get to know their own skill sets, but also realize that often they’re already going through many of the methods unintentionally. The focus, the practice, the delivery in not only the spoken word, but gestures, body movement, visuals and space usage is key to becoming the very best speaker one can be! LAF Tech’s motto is “Laugh, Listen, Learn, Try”; Audience members will experience not only the opportunity to try a technique or two, but also leave inspired with the realization that they can actually do it! LAF Tech has been showcased on the local NBC affiliate King 5 TV’s Morning News Show, 97.3’s “What’s Ringing Rachel’s Bell” excerpt on the Ron & Don Show, and multiple Podcasts.

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