Dave Blanchard

  • Name:
    Dave Blanchard

  • Company:
    Cognesis Marketing

  • Title:
    Owner and Founder

  • Area of Expertise:

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Predictable Revenue in Uncertain Times

    What we’re all looking for right now in our businesses is a return to predictability. Now is the time to make preparations for a quick recovery by building in the 5 pillars of consistent, scalable income. In this presentation we’ll take a close look at these five essentials and how to implement them in your business.


    • The 5 Disciplines of Predictable Revenue
    • Assess their “Predictable Revenue Fitness”
    • Identify their next logical step towards achieving Predictable Revenue
  • Hometown:
    Battle Ground, Washington

  • Will Travel:

  • Speaking Sample:

Dave Blanchard, Owner and Founder of Cognesis Marketing has helped well over 100 small business owners get better results from their marketing budget. He is an innovative, customer-focused, and results-driven marketing leader with expertise in startups, automation, and growth. He lives with his wife and son in Battle Ground, WA.

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