Debra Trappen

  • Name:
    Debra Trappen

  • Company:
    Fire Up With Debra

  • Title:
    Head of Sass, Moxie and Experience (Founder), d11 Consulting

  • Area of Expertise:
    Women’s Empowerment Consulting, Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer, Podcaster

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    FIRE UP YOUR MOXIE: Uncovering, Empowering and Encouraging Your Best Self

    Are you ready to live your best life? So many of us jump into life, leadership, running a business, building, giving, growing, doing… and don’t stop to uncover what is inside us – FIRST. When we slow down – magic happens. We find our focus, ditch the senseless hustle, and finally live life on our own terms – not the vision cast by the media, other people, or the rogue, negative voices in our head.

    Debra will share some of her favorite truths (wrapped in grace, of course!) and fiery elements that translate into a life, business, and attitude that all ignite your moxie to attract ideal connections, bring you JOY, and get you on the path to living your BEST LIFE – today.


    • Define what guides you.
    • Discover what ignites you.
    • Declare what calls you.
    • Design your life commitments.
    • Develop habits that support you.
    • Dominate your self-talk.
    • Deliver your magnetic message
    • Decide to live in gratitude

    Put your seatbelt on – this talk is going to be a fabulous, moxie-filled adventure!

  • Hometown:
    Woodinville, Washington

  • Will Travel:
    Nationally or Locally

  • Speaking Sample:

Debra Trappen (tray-pen) is a sought-after strategist, best-selling author, podcaster, professional keynote speaker, and respected voice of women’s empowerment movements. She is known for her signature “truth, wrapped in grace, with sides of sass, moxie, and fire” way of communicating and engaging her beloved communities.

When she is not idea-storming her next adventure, reading-writing-recording in her Fire Up! studio, or sprinkling moxie from the stage – you will find her walking Lizzie her JackChi pup along the water’s edge, editing photos, watching Sci-Fi and 80’s flicks, or traveling and wine tasting with her husband and besties!

Her first book, Fire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11 and the Fire Up! Podcast are both accessible on her website. When you are ready to live your best life out loud, on purpose, and on your own terms, visit

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