Elisa Hawkinson

  • Name:
    Elisa Hawkinson

  • Company:
    How 2 Get Organized

  • Title:
    Professional Organizer, Speaker, Author and Coach

  • Area of Expertise:
    Organize and simplify working and living spaces

  • Speaking Topic #1:

    How would it feel to have an extra week every year? More freedom, calmer, less stress??

    You can have that week by saving just 10 minutes every day of hunting and searching for things. It just takes a few easy steps and your will learn a simple system of how to get organized from Elisa Hawkinson who will deliver them with sensitivity and humor.

  • Hometown:
    Bothell, Washington

  • Will Travel:

  • Speaking Sample:

Elisa is an engaging and dynamic speaker, author and coach. In her book, “Calming Your Chaos” she gives everyone the tools to reach their goals and destinations in life. She was born with a gene for organizing. Since 2000 she has helped businesses and individuals organize and simplify their working and living spaces as well as their lives.

Her HOW2GETORGANIZED seminars, workshops and hands-on personal coaching have evolved from her natural bent for order. Those skills and insights have been sharpened by the methods and techniques she discovered while helping family members who manifested ADD/ADHD symptoms. She developed focused, structured, and ordered environments for them and found her passion – teaching people in all walks of life and circumstances HOW2GETORGANIZED. Elisa has a passion to make a difference in people’s lives. What she values most is making a contribution. She is delighted when people take action steps for their self-improvement based on her inspiring messages for overall healthy living.

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