Heather Morrison

  • Name:
    Heather Morrison

  • Company:
    Bold Beyond Belief

  • Title:
    Entrepreneur, Author, Mindset Mentor, and Confidence Crusader dedicated to helping you build a Big, Bold Life and Business you love!

  • Area of Expertise:
    Business Coach, Mindset Mentor, and Confidence Crusader dedicated to helping entrepreneurs amplify their Value, Voice and Actions so they can show up BOLDLY in their business.

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    The 3 Secrets to Bulletproof Confidence

    Confidence is the cornerstone to everything we want in our lives. It gives us permission to uncover our wants, lets us know that we are worthy of having them, and gives us the voice to ask that they be met. Once you have confidence, you’ll know who you are and what you will (and won’t) stand for. You’ll unhook from your cycle of over-thinking, muzzle your inner critic, and become more resilient. The 3 Secrets in this powerful talk will show you the skills to show up, stand up and speak up .


    • Learn how to leave Imposter Syndrome at the curb, once and for all
    • Learn how to get started and take action regardless of how you think will end
    • Learn how to become immune to negative opinions (including your own!)
  • Hometown:
    Gaston, Oregon

  • Will Travel:
    Nationally or Locally

  • Speaking Sample:

Heather Morrison is a Mindset Mentor and Confidence Crusader who helps high performing female entrepreneurs up-level their productivity and confidence, so they can create a profitable business and life they love. Her programs teach women how to value themselves, speak up for themselves and confidently own their voice, value and actions so they can show up boldly and unapologetically. She’s passionate about women learning  the necessity of setting boundaries, determining THEIR version of success and making choices based in confidence, not fear. 

She’s a speaker, author and coach and the creator of the ‘Mindset Reset’, ‘Bold Life Blueprint’, and ‘ Audacious Amplification’, and founder of www.boldbeyondbelief.net.  She is on a mission to teach women to ‘Value yourself, ask for what you want and get it….guilt free.’

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