Jeff Wagoner

  • Name:
    Jeff Wagoner

  • Company:
    TJ Wagoner Holdings International

  • Title:
    TJW Consulting

  • Area of Expertise:
    Coach, Author, Speaker

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Discover the Unseen – In Business, Life and Yourself

    What would you do differently tomorrow if you realized that your life had greater purpose? What about the processes that drive your daily work routine and the things that could make them more efficient and value added? How much longer could you go through the same daily routine, knowing that you were meant to do something more important and meaningful? Go on a journey to discover a purpose and righteous cause within you and / or the business processes you are a part of by applying a 5-step method developed through Jeff’s cumulative life experience and wisdom.

    Jeff is inspirational, and he will empower you to achieve your dreams, while experiencing much more joy while doing it. Jeff has some interesting insights, based on his 25 year history as Lean Manufacturing consultant and Executive coach for Fortune 500 companies. He shares on the topic of CHOICE and that everything is a PROCESS with a 5-step method of discovering a Cause in your life. Go on a journey into an engaging and transformative life experience that will help you discover the passion that drives you deep within yourself…..“Discover the Unseen”

    Discover the Unseen with Jeff’s 5-step Method and Elements

    1. Fire – Awareness
    2. Water – Alignment
    3. Wind – Adherence
    4. Sun – Transforming
    5. Rock – Foundation
  • Hometown:
    Coleman, Texas

  • Will Travel:
    Nationally or Locally

  • Speaking Sample:

Jeff’s story is one of triumph over what feels like the universe’s constant demands for your attention, your energy, your time and your sanity. His message is one of achieving effortless health, wealth, and happiness through alignment rather than resistance. Jeff is a successful personal and professional coach for business leaders and teams and has facilitated transformational change his entire life.

His influences are many Fortune 500 corporate leaders, and the study and discipline of many personal growth teachers / mentors throughout the years. He also attributes a large part of his personal growth to his experience working side by side with Zig Ziglar, whose teachings have positively impacted millions over the last 30 years.

Although his journey has brought him from a line operator on the shop floor to executive management, the most remarkable thing is that he applies those lessons and processes to achieve balance in every aspect of everyday life. both at and away from the job.

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