Kerstin O’Shields

  • Name:
    Kerstin O’Shields

  • Company:
    O’Shields Studio LLC.

  • Title:
    Founder of O’Shields Studio

  • Area of Expertise:
    Executive Presentation Coach, Speaker, Private Voice Teacher, Body Language Strategist/Vocal Specialist

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Body Language in Business: Gain Influence without Saying a Word

    At this powerful event you’ll learn:

    • The Communication Medium is your body
    • How nonverbal communication drives who we decide to do business with
    • How posture communicates your confidence and knowledge
    • How unspoken social cues will naturally attract people to you and your business
  • Hometown:
    Maple Valley, Washington

  • Will Travel:

  • Speaking Sample:

Kerstin O’Shields is an Executive Presentation Coach, Speaker, Body Language Strategist and Private Voice Teacher. With 25 years of training and performing in theater and opera, Kerstin O’Shields has acquired an in-depth knowledge of all levels of communication. On stage, she has used that knowledge to portray a broad variety of roles. When she realized that the same nuanced gestures, postures, and expressions impacted every one of her contacts off stage, she set about developing the type of training she experienced for her stage career and adapting it to the communications of everyday life.

From the O’Shields Studio in the Seattle area, Kerstin brings her unique skills, talents and understanding of non-verbal communication to life in a program that impacts how each of us is viewed and received. She specializes in framing the masterpiece of each person’s message, performance, and business by enhancing nonverbal communication with body posture, body gesturing, facial expressions, and clarifying the physical voice. Her clients range from entrepreneurs learning to create a solid pitch for investors to international speakers capturing their audiences with authenticity, grace, and vitality.

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