Melina Palmer

  • Name:
    Melina Palmer

  • Company:
    The Brainy Business

  • Title:
    Founder of The Brainy Business, Podcaster, Speaker, Former Defying Gravity Founder

  • Area of Expertise:
    Behavioral Economics

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Consumers Are Weird: How Irrational Behavior Impacts Your Business

    The human brain is led by its subconscious processing – which means people to make illogical and irrational decisions. Unfortunately, we use our conscious brains to build our companies, strategies, products and positioning – causing a misalignment. While human behavior is not always rational, it is very predictable.

    Melina shares relatable examples using concepts from Behavioral Economics, and at this event you will learn about:

    • Loss aversion
    • Anchoring & Adjustment
    • Availability
    • Relativity
  • Speaking Topic #2:
    What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You

    Humans are illogical beings who make irrational choices, but their behavior is very predictable when you understand the brain. The landscape is changing – behavioral economics is being implemented in companies around the world, which means companies of all sizes must change as well. The best thing is, the change will result in a benefit for customers and employees.

    In this powerful presentation, you will learn:

    • What behavioral economics is and why it matters in your business
    • A few key concepts that everyone in business should know
    • Melina’s “Behavioral Baking” framework for beginning to apply this into your work immediately
  • Speaking Topic #3:
    Change Is Hard: But Does It Have To Be?

    Did you know the average person makes 35,000 decisions a day? This is only possible because the brain uses rules to streamline the process. Change breaks those rules, often resulting in friction, fear, and freezing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine how much smoother projects and team dynamics could be if you understood the rules each brain used to make those decisions (and could work with them instead of with what you think “should” work). In this session based on groundbreaking insights from her book, What Your Employees Need and Can’t Tell You, applied behavioral economist Melina Palmer shares insights from brain science to help everyone increase their influence and make it so anyone they work with can be naturally better at change.

    • An introduction to how the brain really works when faced with change
    • Insights into key biases and concepts the subconscious brain uses to make decisions
    • Some key tweaks anyone can make so others will be more likely to be receptive to their ideas and change initiatives
  • Hometown:
    Olympia, Washington

  • Will Travel:
    Locally & Nationally

  • Speaking Sample:

Melina Palmer is CEO of The Brainy Business, which helps companies around the world apply behavioral economics so customers buy and employees buy in. She has written three bestselling books and hosts The Brainy Business podcast, which has more than 1 million downloads in over 170 countries. A consultant and keynote speaker, she also teaches applied behavioral economics via the Texas A&M Human Behavior Lab. She and her work have been featured in many outlets, including Inc and Psychology Today.

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