Michael Tetteh

  • Name:
    Michael Tetteh

  • Company:
    Michael Tetteh, LLC

  • Title:
    Owner / Partner-Gritworks Athletics

  • Area of Expertise:
    Passionate about leadership in Africa, Performance Coach, Author, Former Seattle Sounder, Ghanaian Native, Trainer at The John Maxwell Team

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Permission to Dream as we close 2015, and step into 2016 and beyond…

    Nearly thirty years ago, in a tiny, impoverished Ghanaian village, a young boy dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player and competing against European powerhouse Manchester United. He ate soccer, slept soccer, and breathed soccer. Despite being told that he wasn’t good enough to become a professional soccer player, his dream was realized in 2011 after being drafted by Seattle Sounders FC and competing against Manchester United, in front of 67,000 fans. At twenty-three years old, Michael Tetteh had realized his childhood dream. Then late one night, an encounter caused him to give up the single thing that had defined his entire life—soccer. In one moment, he surrendered to a new vision and stepped into the unknown. Was he crazy—or brave? During this 20 minute talk, Michael will share one of the things that he learned as a teenager that changed his thinking—that changed the course of his destiny and that continues to control his everyday decision making. He believes this is one of the keys to becoming all that you’ve dreamed in your business, career and profession.

  • Hometown:
    Seattle, Washington

  • Will Travel:
    Nationally or Locally

  • Speaking Sample:

Michael Tetteh played football for Seattle Sounders FC. The Ghana native is an author and a speaker and a certified John C. Maxwell Leadership Coach. Michael is passionate about leadership in Africa and believes the missing piece on the continent is effective leadership. He started One Kingdom Foundation, a non-profit that seeks to be a catalyst for a new generation of African leaders with honorable character. Michael is also the General Manager at Emerald City Athletics, a health club in the Seattle area. He’s married to Kristen Tetteh and lives with their dog Finley.

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