Trish Tatarek

  • Name:
    Trish Tatarek

  • Company:
    Life and Work with Trish

  • Title:
    Body Language & Video Marketing Strategist, and Life Coach

  • Area of Expertise:
    Coaching communication both in your messaging and physicality in the Body Language Success Pillars of Confidence, Competence, Trust and Approachability, so that you can magnetize business and people to you. Creating a Video Marketing Program that will streamline your business. Life Coaching

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    “The Secrets of Body Language Strategy – How to Create Influence and Impact Without Saying a Word!”

    The communication medium for all of us is our bodies and 80% of that communication is nonverbal. Most people spend time thinking about what they are going to say… but what are you saying when you are not saying anything at all?

    HOW you present yourself can make all the difference in how you create a difference in your industry. Up-level your impact with the powerful tools of the Body Language Strategy System to create influence in your organization, enhance your presence with your colleagues, and get results without saying a word!

    Takeaways from this talk:

    • How body language affects who we decide to do business with
    • How to naturally attract more business with an enhanced executive presence, both virtually and in-person
    • How to conduct Zoom meetings effectively
    • Body Language Strategy tools and tips in the Four Pillars of Leadership: Confidence, Competence, Trust, and Approachability
  • Hometown:
    Maple Valley, Washington

  • Will Travel:
    Nationally or Locally

  • Speaking Sample:

Trish has been blessed with a career focused on success starting with working with Corporate Suite Executives in Fortune 500 companies, helping them to streamline procedures and incorporate organizational systems.

In addition, Trish has 30 years in the real estate industry as a new construction and top 5% resale broker. Her expertise in managing teams and new agents brought success from the beginning to the end of both the sales and marketing process.

As a Body Language and Video Marketing Strategist with a strong focus in Confidence, Trish empowers others to connect and create more success in their business presence to gain more sales in person and online.

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June 13, 2023 @ 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

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