Patrice Tabor

  • Name:
    Patrice Tabor

  • Company:
    In-Joy, Strengths-based Coaching

  • Title:
    Trainer and Certified Professional Coach

  • Area of Expertise:
    Certified Life Coach & Workshop Facilitator

  • Speaking Topic #1:
    Toot Your Own Horn: Share your strengths with confidence to expand opportunities

    Would you like to have a deeper awareness of your strengths and be able to express them more clearly when selling to a client or when networking to find opportunities? Many of us have an idea of what we’re good at, but we feel unsure talking about our strengths with others. In this interactive workshop, you will identify and clarify key strengths and develop a STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) story to communicate your strengths with confidence and clarity to others.


    • Identify and clarify a key personal strength
    • Develop a STAR story about a key strength
    • Communicate a key strength with confidence and clarity by sharing your STAR story
  • Hometown:
    Seattle, Washington

  • Will Travel:

  • Speaking Sample:

Patrice is a certified life coach and workshop facilitator. She is committed to learning and personal transformation through courageous self-discovery and passionate exploration of your unique strengths and values. Patrice assists you to overcome barriers so that you may reach your goal and experience ultimate joy and satisfaction in your life and work. With over 15 years as an adult educator in healthcare, Patrice is committed to lifelong learning, healthy team relationships, and compassionate communication. Patrice brings creative expression into her coaching practice with sensitivity and grace. Patrice enjoys hula dancing as her favorite forms of creative expression.

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